CalDAV Collection ManagementΒΆ

Calendars and addressbooks are maintained as “Collections” within the Cyrus mail store. They appear as mailboxes within the heirarchy, as set by the calendarprefix: option in imapd.conf(5) (default is #calendars), but should rarely be directly manipulated using either cyradm(8) or other mailbox-centric tools.

Collections have special attributes, so should be created and maintained either through protocol – i.e. with purpose-built calendar or address book clients – or with the provided web GUI.

To access the Cyrus web GUI for CalDAV Collection Management, point a web browser at https://<servername>/dav/calendars/user/%3Cusername%3E

For example:

Using this GUI, one may:

  • Create new collections, with whichever components are required
  • Alter existing collections with different components
  • Subscribe or Download existing collections via prepared URLs
  • Set visibility attributes such as Public or Transparent
  • Delete existing collections

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